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This kits includes the following:
685-01 Flag Charm Collars: White Size 8-1, size 10-1 size 12-2, size 14-1, size 16-1
125-177 Patriotic Stripes Nylon Collars: Cat-1, XS-2, SM-2 MDN-2, LG-2, XL-1
125-176 Patriotic Chevron Nylons Collars: Cat-1, XS-2, SM-2 MDN-2, LG-2, XL-1
66-57 Patriotic Paw Screen Print Bandana: LG Red- 2, SM Red-2, LG Navy Blue-2, SM Navy Blue-2, Lg Black-2, SM Black-2
626-RWB Crystal with Red, White and Blue Spikes: Black size 10-1, size 12-1, size 14-1, size 16-1
52-21 Classic America Rhinestone Shirt: Black XS-1, SM-1, MD-2, LG-2, XL-1
100-011 Patriotic Ice Cream Collar:  Bone Sm-2, MD-2, LG-2
76-06 Red, White and Blue Fuzzy Smoocher SM-2, MD-2, LG-2, XL-2
Also comes with 6 free hangers for the shirts.