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The Best Types of Bandanas for Your Pooch

Posted by Mirage Pet Products on 11/23/2019 to Pet Fashion
The Best Types of Bandanas for Your Pooch

Dogs are man's best friend. These beloved four-legged companions have been with us since time immemorial. So, it is only natural that dogs have also been a part of our fashion journey over the years.

As fashion evolved for us humans, our dogs have played various roles and donned many fashionable styles. From being photoshoot models, a fashion accessory to even being the inspiration behind designs, dog fashion has come a long way.

Role of Bandanas in Dog Fashion

However, when it comes to styling and decking up our pooches, big burly or just full outfits might not be such a good idea. Dogs tend to get uncomfortable in them. This is where dog bandanas swoop in to save the day by conveying a feeling and providing a fashion statement without any restrictions.

What is A Dog Bandana?

Dog bandanas are the newest craze in the world of dog fashion and an important accessory for any pooch. This trendy fashion statement is a little piece of cloth in the form of a scarf that goes around the neck of your dog. They can be square or rectangular and come in different sizes like small, medium and large for different dog breeds and sizes.

How to Put a Bandana on a Dog

Dog bandanas in the modern-day come in a variety of styles. The most convenient ones are a tie on. They are fairly easy to put on the dogs. Just ensure that you tie them into a bow and not a knot so that they are easy to take off. To know if the bandana is not too tight, make sure there is room to stick two fingers underneath.

mirage dog bandanas

Why buy a Bandana for Your Pet?

Although bandanas are primarily a fashion item meant to be worn as a statement piece by your pooch, they come with plenty of other benefits as well.

Aid both Humans and Dog Health

All dogs shed hair and dog owners are very much aware of this unavoidable mess. However, dog bandanas act as a great accessory to catch loose hair. This is helpful in scenarios where someone around you is allergic to dog hair.

Cooling effect

Bandanas, in general, are a great way to prevent sunburns on the neck of your dog. However, certain bandanas are made and designed to cool down your pooch. These bandanas are made from special fabrics that absorb a lot of water when you soak them. The wet bandanas are then tied around the dog's neck and provides them with a cooling effect.

Great Attires for Special Occasions

Dog bandanas are great for special occasions like birthdays or for festivals like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, etc. when your pooch is uncomfortable in full outfits.

To show a dog's personality and warn other humans

Bandanas can serve an important purpose in showing the personality of dogs to humans in public environments. This improves their interaction with strangers and other pets. Traffic light bandanas or just bandanas with behavior traits or moods of the dog written on them can act as great indicators.

Safety at night

Brightly colored bandanas can end up being lifesavers for your four-legged companion as dark-furred dogs are hard to spot in the dark. A bright bandana will make them more visible, hence preventing any untoward incidents.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Bandana

Will your dog wear it?

Most pooches love to flaunt their bandanas to others but there might be some cases where a dog is not used to them. You can try finding out how your dog reacts to them by practicing with a handkerchief or a small piece of cloth first to see how they react to it.

Comfortable Fabric

Nobody likes to have a bad quality fabric that feels coarse to the skin tied around their necks. Dogs are no different. Bandanas made of high-quality cotton that is soft to the touch but still long-lasting are great buys. The durable and robust material is a must when looking for bandanas.


Your dog's bandana will likely get dirty often and would require frequent cleaning and washing so ensure that it can be machine-washed easily.


Size is the most important factor to consider when buying a bandana for your dog. Since dogs come in various sizes, the same holds for their accessories too. The size of your four-legged buddy will determine the size of their bandana. Most bandanas come in two to three sizes-small, medium and large.

If you are unsure about the fit, it is advisable to go for a bigger size since it can always be folded to fit smaller necks.

Types of Dog Bandanas

Bandanas come in a variety of designs to suit every dog lover's fashion sense and desires. Here are some popular and enticing types of dog bandanas:

Plain Bandanas

plain dog bandanas

Looking for a subtle style statement that just showcases your pooch in your favorite color? Plain bandanas are the perfect choice for you. They come in an array of color options and are great for simple yet effective styling.

Patterned Bandanas

pattern dog bandanas

Patterns go great with the fur of your furry friend and can elevate their style to the next level. The best thing about patterned bandanas is that each pattern is unique and no two bandanas will look the same! Patterned bandanas also come in assorted colors.

Rhinestone Bandanas

rhinestone dog bandanas

Looking for something a little more extra? Rhinestone bandanas are great for fancy dressing and styling when plain and patterned bandanas just don't cut it for you. Rhinestone is a great material to decorate your pooch’s bandana with and gives you unlimited ways to customize it as well! From paw impressions to symbols, quotes to your dog's moods and nature, you can choose to put any shape, wording or style on your rhinestone bandana and let your dog carry it with style and pomp.

Other popular types and styles of bandanas include Screen Print Bandanas, Screen Print Camo Bandanas, and Screen Print Tie Dye Bandanas. All these offer great functionality and style.

All these variations of dog bandanas and more pet fashion accessories can be found at


The importance of dog bandanas cannot be underestimated. Apart from scaling up the glamour and fashion ante of your furry friend, bandanas have plenty of other benefits that make them an important accessory for every pet owner to possess.

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