The Best Cat Products Every Pet Store Should Stock

Posted by Mirage Pet Products on 4/20/2020
The Best Cat Products Every Pet Store Should Stock

Did you know that in the U.S. 67% of households have a pet? Do you currently have a pet store and want to ensure these pet owners are shopping where you are?

In this article, explore the top products pet owners are looking for when it comes to their cats. Read on to explore the best cat products for 2020 so your store is a top hit with pet owners.

1. Cat Safety Collars

Pet owners want to make sure their cats have safe and durable cat collars that are also fashionable. You want one that has an elastic band so that if your kitty's head gets stuck they can safely pull themselves loose.

2. Cat Tunnels

Cats love these fun cat tunnels since they have holes for them to peak out of and they make a crinkly noise as they move around. It's a great way for them to hide practicing their hunting skills and then jumping out at the toy.

3. Luxury Cat Beds and Hides

Cats are extremely picky as far as sleeping goes. You'll want to choose luxury cat beds and hides for your owners with picky cats. If their cat likes being outdoors, there are specially made temperature-controlled kitty shelters you can have in your store as well.

You can also have pet beds that'll have them feel safe and secure with tight-fitting beds. Many tight-fitting beds such as the ones shaped like hamburgers are easy to clean since they detach and can be placed in the washer.

Also, consider cat beds that are raised off the ground for some of the best cat products that offer privacy for their pets. Another option is a cat hammock. Many owners will be thrilled to try such a unique and fun option for their special friend.

4. Cat Harnesses

Cat harnesses are currently in since people want to walk their cats safely without hurting their necks. While not every cat wants to be walked on a leash, many owners will want to try to teach their pet how to go outside on a harness.

When your cat is safe outside on a harness, they can scratch on trees and watch wildlife without the fear of being run over or attacked by wild animals. You can also let cat owners know how it'll make a scared cat more confident after being outside on their harness.

Let them know that it's best to train their cat indoors with a harness before venturing out. Tell them it's important they're comfortable on the cat harness inside before venturing out.

5. Cat Scratcher Lounger

Cats absolutely love cat scratchers that they can relax on. They're cardboard scratchers that are shaped in a way for your cat to lounge. Pet owners will love watching their cats find joy in it by sitting or laying on it watching the wildlife outside, and scratching to their heart's content.

It's small and compact so can easily fit on many windowsills as well.

6. Interactive Pet Cameras

Show you're a high-tech pet store by offering interactive pet cameras. Many owners feel guilty when they're stuck at work all day and can't play with their feline friends. Your customers can then see how their pet is doing while they're at work. Many have high-tech features such as letting owners play with their pets right from their smartphone.

They can also talk to their pets no matter how far they are.

7. Window Perch

Not only are window perches safe, but they're a convenient way for cats to look out the window if your customers have small windowsills. Many are built sturdy so they don't have to worry about any harm to their pets.

Make sure you tell them not to place the window perch too high, and always test it monthly. You can choose enclosed or open window perches. Their cats can lay in or sit on many of the enclosed window perches.

8. Pet Tracking Collar

Many owners today are concerned about their pet's safety and want to ensure they're safe. You could also offer them a pet tracking collar. If a cat gets out, it might be fun for them at first, but there are many questionable elements out in the world.

In case a pet gets out, your customer can use GPS tracking collars to locate where their pet is right from their collar location.

9. Cat Catcher Toy

Cats love chasing after toys, and cat catchers are great since they're long and have a toy at the end to catch. Encourage your cat to buy some catnip if they have a lazy cat. Catnip can also encourage play. Cat catchers are another term for cat wands. The great thing about these wands is they stretch far so your customer's cat can easily run and hide getting ready to pounce.

10. Cat Trees

Cats enjoy being high, so having cat trees, especially large cat trees in your store, will be very appealing to your customers. Many large cat trees come with different layers of platforms, ramps, hiding boxes, and perches. They're often comfortable with many having faux fleece.

Many have toys dangling that your customer's cats can play with.

Exploring the Best Cat Products

Whether you're a small or big store, you want to invest in these popular and great to have best cat products. Are you ready to expand the cat products your store currently has? Check out our wholesale products today for a wide variety of cat and dog products for your store.