Carry Your Pets in Comfort and Ease with Snuggle Bug

Posted by Mirage Pet Products on 5/20/2020
Carry Your Pets in Comfort and Ease with Snuggle Bug

Traveling with your pets can be stressful — for both you and them. This can be true whether you are driving to the park, heading for the vet, or embarking on a lengthy road trip. Most of the animals we treasure as companions are accustomed to open spaces or at least the relative openness of their home. That factor, combined with the disruption to their daily patterns, makes their discomfort easy to understand.

Sometimes, there is no avoiding having to take a pet along on a car ride. Something that you can control to some extent is their level of comfort. Making sure that their carrier is snug can lower their stress, which also means less stress for you. You should not slack when looking for a carrier. Today, we at Mirage Pet Products wish to spotlight the Snuggle Bug, a special item that offers a lot to both pets and pet lovers.

What Can You Do With a Snuggle Bug?

The Snuggle Bug is a product manufactured by PetFlys Inc., a member of the Mirage Pet Products family. It is designed for maximal comfort, versatility, and ease of use. Moreover, it is machine-washable, reversible, and even quite fashionable in its visual presentation. You can find it in a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns.

All those details are simple enough to understand. However, describing its function is not quite so straightforward. The Snuggle Bug is an all-in-one deal, a multifaceted product with many uses and distinct forms. For your convenience, we will describe each of the primary forms in detail below:

Lightweight Carrier Bag

Pets may love their owners dearly, but they also appreciate a degree of independence — some species and breeds more than others. Many individual companions love or are at least neutral to being held. Others, however, will only tolerate so much before they start wriggling to break free from the person’s grasp.

If you want or need to take them on the go, you may want to hold them with something other than your arms. Using a carrier bag designed for pet transport can be much cozier for the critter and more convenient for yourself. Using a Snuggle Bug can be even cozier and more convenient than using other products of the same kind.

To begin with, the texture is super-soft. As a result, animals can sink into the bag and get enveloped in a world of comfort. In the meantime, you can lug them around with the help of a fully adjustable shoulder strap. It measures 37 inches in length, so people of all sizes can shorten or lengthen it as they desire.

The Snuggle Bug is especially good for toy and miniature breeds. It can support up to 16 pounds in weight, making it ideal for infant animals, cats, and dogs of smaller breeds. If they do not mind a little adventure, then the Snuggle Bug will make for a lovely experience. Just be careful and considerate while carrying them and avoid doing anything crazy with the bag.

Bed with Accessories

After a long day, or even just a long ride or stroll, some pets just want to relax and get some rest. When they are all tuckered out, their owners can quickly and easily convert the Snuggle Bug into a bed. You read that correctly: with just a few small adjustments, the same bag used for carrying pets around can also carry them off to Dreamland.

The bed form is already highly satisfying in its softness, but PetFlys throws in a few accessories with every Snuggle Bug specifically for this purpose. The mattress, which comes included with the whole set, can provide balance, and make lying down feel even better. On top of all that — literally — is the bundled blanket, which adds still more snugness to the Snuggle Bug.

As we mentioned earlier, yet another benefit to the Snuggle Bug is that the whole product is machine washable. Pet owners know that accidents can happen, even with well-trained and well-behaved animals. They also know that even when accidents do not happen, their furry friends can still shed all over their beds and assorted hangout spots. Whenever people feel the need, they can stick the Snuggle Bug in their laundry machines and get it back looking and feeling brand-new.

Getting a nice rest cannot be undervalued. This need is why cats and dogs like to “make biscuits” before curling up. The more you can do to set up a nice sleep spot for them, the better they will feel.

Comfortable Car Seat

We have been building up to this point since the beginning. In addition to everything else, the Snuggle Bug can resolve the problem we described in our introduction. It can be the best car seat that your pet has ever known. In fact, the features that enable those other functions can also help with this one.

The Snuggle Bug’s pillow and roll-up sides make for both a lovely bed and a grand car seat. Anything comfortable enough to double as a bed could feel nice enough to soothe them on car trips. They may be even more relaxed if they have slept on it before because it will bear their scent. With that familiarity present, they may feel as if they are taking a piece of home with them on the car ride.

The strap that allows pet owners to carry the Snuggle Bug as a bag also serves a dual purpose. With barely any adjustments to its set-up, you can hook it to the back of the car seat’s headrest. This security feature will hold the seat in place, not entirely unlike a baby seat. Knowing that your pet is that much safer and that much more comfortable should keep you relaxed for the duration of the drive.

Give Your Pets the Gift of Snugness

The Snuggle Bug is ideal for anyone who needs a carrier, a bed, a car seat, or any combination of the three. This all-in-one, one-of-a-kind product is available right here at Mirage Pet Products. Check it out today so you can put yourself and your pet at ease.