How to Choose the Right Breakaway Collar to Ensure Feline Safety

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How to Choose the Right Breakaway Collar to Ensure Feline Safety

It's important for a cat to have a collar for many reasons but the most important is its safety. These adorable pets tend to wander off outside frequently, and that is where all the troubles start.

Many cat owners have terrible stories of their cat being run over on the streets, getting injured by people, by other animals, or coming back home with some infection.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA even has a web page called Horrific Outside Cat Stories. The webpage talks about how going outdoors makes cats vulnerable to contagious diseases, dehydration, parasite infestations, freezing, starvation, attacks by dogs and other predators, and getting hit by vehicles.

It means the saying of cats having “nine lives” is a myth, as due to the reasons mentioned, these felines often have shorter lives. Considering the cats’ safety concerns, cat breakaway collar has become popular. However, many cat owners are either unsure or reluctant to use a collar.

The unwillingness of cat owners to use a breakaway collar is because they worry that a collar may choke their cats if the animals get tangled in fences or branches.


Let Us Check Out What Studies Say?


The government data in the US shows that around 10 million pets are lost in the country every year, and many of them end up in animal shelters.

A few years back, a New York Times report stated that only around 2% of cats in animal shelters return to their owners, whereas nearly 15 to 19% of dogs come back to their owners because more dogs wear collars.

Another study carried out by The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, tracking collar-wearing cats shows that collars do not pose any safety risk.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Cat Breakaway Collar

If your customer's furry friend frequently roams around outdoors, and they are worried about its safety, you can assist them in getting quality breakaway collars.

Cat collars have evolved over the years. Particularly, many breakaway collars are truly high-quality and 100% safe.

Breakaway collars are also called quick release or safety collars as these have been designed in a way that they automatically open or release with enough force if stuck somewhere. 

Many cat collars come with some stretchable material or thread, which expands if it gets stuck. Other types of breakaway collars have an identification tag so that it will be easier to return the cats if lost.

The following are the reasons for using cat breakaway collars:

  • Breakaway collars can help identify a cat if lost. Anyone who finds the feline can check the collar, and see the cat’s name/the contact number and can return to the owner. 
  • Many breakaway collars have a reflective material that helps drivers spot the cat from a distance and stop right away. 
  • Breakaway collars even provide a space to hang a rabies tag or something similar that is necessary for some states in the USA.
  • Bells can be attached to the cat’s collar so that it rings to alert the people around to rescue it if in trouble. 
  • It is important to remember that average cat collars may pose health and safety hazards for a cat. 
  • If the collar is not flexible or adjustable, it can put the cat in life-threatening situations by getting stuck or strangulated. 
  • To avoid such situations, using a breakaway cat collar is the best option as with a little effort, cats can pull away, and the collar will release it, ensuring no harm. 

Different Types of Breakaway Cat Collars

There is a wide range of breakaway cat collars that are available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Jewel-Studded Cat Safety Collars: These breakaway cat collars have clear jewels studded that glint and ensure visibility. This type of collars looks fashionable too.
  • Nylon Cat Safety Collars: Nylon safety collars are adjustable so that the cat does not feel choked. Some of these collars come with sound effects.
  • Nylon and Ribbon Cat Safety Collars: These breakaway collars have a mix of nylon along with a fashionable looking ribbon overlay. These collars are durable, as well.
  • Reflective Breakaway Collars: Reflective breakaway collars have straps with reflective material that is visible in low-light conditions when road traffic accidents usually happen.

How to Choose the Right Breakway Collar for Your Cat

If you are looking for a breakaway collar for the cat, it can be a daunting task as there are so many options available.

Using a breakaway collar is the best way to ensure the cat is safe and can add an element of fashion to it.

Certain types of cat collars can be risky for the kitty, which are elastic collars, flea collars, and buckle collars. As already said, during an emergency, a breakaway collar allows cats to break free.

Consider the following factors when choosing a cat collar:

  • Most quality cat collars have nylon fabric. These collars are strong, lightweight, and comfortable for cats.
  • Check for collars that will allow for personalization, such as printing contact information directly on the collar so that there is no need for any additional tags.
  • If the cat sneaks out often after dark, it is ideal to choose a reflective breakaway collar to be visible.
  • Cat collars that have elastic inserts can stretch and may injure the cat’s neck if they get stuck on their legs or paws. So, avoid those collars.
  • Choose an adjustable breakaway collar that will perfectly fit the cat’s neck and won’t be stifling. Check the collar regularly to make sure the collar fitting stays comfortable.
  • Check the edges of the collar before buying. The edges should ideally be rounded or folded, instead of being sharp. Sharp edges can clutch into the cat’s skin and cause injury.


To sum it up, we can say that a breakaway collar is an ideal step in ensuring that a cat gets back home safely.

When purchasing a cat breakaway collar, it is important that pet stores stock only the best and go through the inventories of retailers and wholesalers carefully. These days, online retailers offer a wide range of high-quality cat collars of various sizes, colors, designs, and strength. Particularly for the size, check if the website provides a size chart specifying neck size and width.

Mirage Pet Products has been a knowledgeable and reliable source for pet products and breakaway cat collars for a long time. If you have questions about our inventory or products, please reach out to us!

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