Don't Forget the Finishing Touches: 9 Must-Have Professional Pet Grooming Supplies

Posted by Mirage Pet Products on 6/25/2020
Don't Forget the Finishing Touches: 9 Must-Have Professional Pet Grooming Supplies

What does every dog need after a day at the groomers?

A new accessory, of course!

We love our pets more than anything and spare no expense when it comes to keeping our pets healthy and happy. For many dogs, this includes regular trips to the groomers.

But after your dog has been washed, brushed, and trimmed, it’s time for some professional pet grooming supplies for the finishing touch.

Are you looking to increase your range of pet supplies? If so, read on to learn more about the best accessories for pets, along with why pet groomers are so important.

What Does a Pet Grooming Shop Do?

Pet groomers offer a wide range of services designed to look after the health and cleanliness of your pet.

Generally, this includes bathing and brushing, as well as hair trims and styling. Groomers often clean ears, trim nails, and make sure your pup is looking their best! They use the best dog grooming products to make sure your pet is taken care of while at the groomers.

Why Do People Take Dogs for Professional Pet Grooming?

Often, dogs love splashing around in creeks and pools, but put them near a bathtub and they quickly become very unhappy! Bathing can be stressful for dogs, which is why many dog owners would rather the job was done by a professional.

Or, if you live in an apartment with limited space, you may not have the right facilities to bathe your dog, so it’s easier to be done by a groomer.

Another big reason people take dogs to groomers is for hair trims, something that requires specialized training.

If you have a long-haired dog, such as a sheepdog, Maltese, or poodle, they require regular haircuts. Otherwise, their coat grows too long, becoming matted and blocking their vision.

Depending on the breed of your dog, some dogs need bathing more frequently than others.

What Are the Best Professional Pet Grooming Supplies?

Professional grooming is done by trained professionals who have all of the necessary equipment. This includes special bathing areas with moveable showerheads, pet-friendly shampoo, scissors, nail clippers, and hair dryers.

But after your dog is cleaned and styled, you’re still not quite done! Don’t forget to add accessories to show off your dog’s cute style and personality.

Check out the top finishing touches that you need after every trip to the groomer:

1. Bow Ties

Does your handsome little man need a new accessory for a photoshoot?

If so, make sure you have a classic dog bow tie for your fluffy friend. Select from a wide range of designs and patterns (palm trees, anyone?), making our dog look his best.

They attach with a Velcro strap around the collar, so they are easy to stay on or remove. Bow ties are one of the most popular dog grooming supplies, so be sure to stock a few in your shop.

2. Bandanas

Every dog needs a bandana for their daily walk in the park. They look especially eye-catching on larger breeds, like golden retrievers or dalmatians.

The bright colors help dogs stand out in a busy dog park and are sure to get a few compliments.

On a hot day, you can even wet the bandana before putting it on your dog, helping him stay cool.

3. Ribbons

Ribbons are the perfect finishing touch after any trip to the groomers! Add a ribbon to your puppy's head, attaching to their fur in a ponytail, or tie a gorgeous bow around their collar.

Any owner is sure to be happy if they pick up their pup from the groomers with a colorful ribbon.

4. Unicorn Horns

Does your dog have her own unicorn horn? If not, you’re missing out.

Add a whimsical unicorn horn, available in a range of sparkly colors, to give your dog a fun and magical new look!

They are sure to capture the imagination of young kids. Plus, they are comfortable for your dog to wear, attaching via an elastic strap.

5. Barrettes

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your cute like Yorkie or chihuahua? If so, you need a barrette for their hair.

Add a heart or floral barrette to hold back hair from your dog’s eyes, or just for a cute look after they’ve been groomed.

6. Neck Ties

Every sharp-dressed man needs a tie, and your beautiful puppy is no exception.

Ties are so much fun for dogs, especially for photos. Add a fun necktie to your pooch after he’s been groomed and make sure to take some photos of his new look!

6. Dog Shirts

Do you live in a cool climate? Many people worry about their pup getting cold in the backyard or out on walks. So, offer a stylish shirt or jacket that they can wear outside.

They’re not only practical, but they’re also a lot of fun. Many people purchase shirts for their dogs, making them a popular option.

7. New Collars

Collars, if fitted properly, are comfortable for dogs and are essential for keeping them safe.

Many people have multiple collars for their pets, so try having a few in stock. Look for matching collar and leash combos if you want your customers to be the envy of the dog park!

8. Ponytail Holders

Does your dog have long fur? If so, why not give her a cute ponytail with a dog-friendly hair elastic?

Her beautiful fur will look shiny and clean after a day at the groomers, so show it off with a high pony.

If you do any dog competitions, ponytail holders are useful dog show supplies, as they keep hair away from your dog’s face while they are competing.

9. Coat Conditioners

Coat conditioners can be used after your dog has been washed to help keep their coat shiny and healthy.

If your dog has any sensitive skin issues, like itchiness, they can also help relieve the symptoms and help your dog restore moisture to their skin.

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