How to Start an Online Pet Supplies Store From Home

Posted by Mirage Pet Products on 1/22/2020 to Selling Pet Supplies
How to Start an Online Pet Supplies Store From Home

Starting a business is difficult, and running that business requires hard work and dedication. Having a personal interest in what you do, rather than just financial interest, can make it more engaging and fulfilling. Simply put, no one runs a pet supplies business without at least some fondness and fascination with pets.

Modern technology and new business practices make starting your own business easier and more accessible than ever before. You do not need a lot of capital, a physical store, or even your own inventory. You can easily start an online pet supply dropshipping store. Here is some advice on doing just that.

Build a Website for Your Store

Running an online store is much less costly than owning a physical storefront. It also comes with the advantage of making your business accessible to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of location. However, online shoppers can be quick to distrust or give up on new websites. First impressions matter in this field, and you may only have seconds. Your business’s website should make it as simple and easy as possible for people to find, learn about, and purchase products.

To even have a website in this first place, you first need to construct it. You can find plenty of site-building software out there, but you should find one designed for eCommerce in particular. These platforms, such as 3dcart, are able to provide tools specifically for helping online stores reach their full potential. You may need some extra help from developers and software experts. However, it will all be worth it when you see the final product: a professionally designed website that makes visitors want to stay.

When building your website, focus on achieving an intuitive layout, and appealing aesthetic, and a smooth checkout process. When looking at eCommerce platforms, focus on how many features they provide with the plan and how much room they give you for customization. The platform you choose should also be flexible enough to work with dropshipping businesses.

Find a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier

The above advice can really apply to any online business venture. Dropshipping, however, is a unique type of eCommerce business plan centered on a partnership between a retailer and a supplier. The former takes care of the sales side while the latter handles the inventory, packaging, and shipping. This practice liberates small businesses and entrepreneurs from some of the most expensive and laborious steps of starting a commercial enterprise.

However, you cannot trust just anyone calling themselves a dropshipping supplier. After all, they are taking care of some of the most important parts of the business operation. If they slip up, customers will hold you responsible and may take their business elsewhere. Some companies claiming to be suppliers may also be scammers, preying on inexperienced business owners and their unwitting customers. Before cutting any deals, conduct some research and see what past and present partners have to say.

On top of all those risks, choosing the right supplier is especially important for anyone selling pet supplies. Their products must be safe for animal use, particularly with food, medicine, and toys. Teaming up with other pet supplies merchants may help. As we said before, anyone involved in this industry should care for the well-being of our furry friends.

Add High-Quality Products to Your Site

Once you cement a partnership with a reliable dropshipper, it is time to start adding their products to your site. At this point, you need to think about what your target audiences might want. How broad or niche should your selection be? Which kinds of pets should you provide products for? Will you offer a wide variety of product types or focus on one type?

Finding answers to these and other questions may require some research, but you need those answers to guide you in your choices. Of course, what products you can even provide depend entirely on your own provider. You can only offer the pet supplies they have in stock, so get those answers down before agreeing to any deals.

One more factor to consider is product quality. Checking out the product photos and information on a potential supplier’s site is a good start. Better still, you can order something from that supplier and see if it is exactly what you ordered and functions as it should. Take notes as well on the item’s condition upon delivery and the packaging. If anything seems off, at least you found out at this point before your potential customers could experience it.

List Prices That Benefit You

Dropshipping can save retailers significant amounts of money, time, and labor, but suppliers get something out of the practice as well. They do not offer their items to other businesses for free. Retailers must forward the price of the ordered items, as well as shipping costs, to their suppliers before they fulfill the orders. These companies may also add a subscription fee or dropshipping fee.

The idea that doing business with another company comes with a cost may seem obvious. However, some business owners really do not think about it until the time for payment comes. As a business owner, you need to accept that sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

As for how you can profit from offering a supplier’s products, the solution is simple: marking up the prices. Conduct some research to see how much you can charge without dissuading your target audience, then list the products and reap the profits. You should ask your supplier about putting only your business’s name on the packaging, so customers stay loyal instead of going straight to the supplier.

Offer Mirage Pet Products on Your Store

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